Pink 4 Friday lipstick

MAC's Pink Friday lipstick inspired by rapper Nicki Minaj. (,

so, i must admit. i am no real fan of nicki minaj’s music. i will say that her mainstream hits like “your love” and features on songs like “bottoms up” get me to bob my head, but as far as being a true fan of her music…that’s really not me.


i love her makeup! and i love that she loves pink! anyone who knows me knows i have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with the color, and now i’ve finally found a pink soulmate in nicki minaj, lol!

so when MAC announced they were collaborating with miss nicki on a new and exclusive shade of pink, you know it was on! now mind you, my makeup trunk (yes, trunk) is virtually filled to the brim with MAC products…i am totally obsessed! so what better thing to add to my collection than a limited-edition, beautiful barbie pink tube of MAC lipstick!

the “pink 4 friday” lipstick went on sale black friday to commemorate nicki’s release of her “pink friday” album (too many “fridays” in one sentence!). it’s only on sale for four fridays, and after two frustrating and unsuccessful attempts to get the little black tube of pink for my pout, i finally got to order it on december 10th, and it arrived in the mail last week. I ordered another one on the 17th because a girl’s got to have a collector’s item, and it arrived in the mail today! i’ll be sharing pictures and more reviews in my next post! yessssss!

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